Saturday, July 15, 2006

Upwardly mobile mechanics needed

Whilst watching Le Tour on Wednesday with Klink, we had a great idea for a new cycling business venture. As a mechanic hung out of a car window adjusting a rider's derailleur, it dawned on us... a truly 'mobile mechanic'. Imagine the scenario; customer enters shop, and indicates he is in need of a service. "My gears are slipping." The crack team of mobile mechanics swings into action. "OK, Tony, go and grab the car, warm up the engine. Russ, get your tools sorted, there's a gear adjust to do. Sir, if you'd just like to mount your bike, the team will meet you in the carpark. Please wear a helmet and make sure your hands are free of any dirt or grease that may hinder your ability to safely grip the door sill. And please sign this waiver in case of death."
It's a winner.


You know who I am!! said...

Your plan has one fatal flaw Brett. Big tone's driving skills leave a lot to be desired and I seriously doubt his ability to maintain a straight line beside some hairy legged bunter on an OCR!! Second to this, I have enough trouble dealing with f&*^ing c*^t customers in the store let alone the extra effort of traveling out to fix their bikes on the road and I don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to jam my pedal spanner in their spokes and watch Tony reverse over their heads!!!

brettok said...

well maybe u could use it for the 'problem' customers only..... which is just about everyone!