Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hop to it, XC stylee!

Hot off the presses from Tomkinson comes news of the third round of the NSW Trials series, at Arcadia (wherever the hell that is!) Here's his email, and details of the day.

"Quain and myself are organising the 3rd round of the NSW Trials series at Arcadia. The beginner sections will be set for XC bikes, so i thought you guys might like to come (or anyone else interested) you wont be hopping any of that shit, just technical rolling stuff. Should be pretty good fun. Just put ya seat down and some flat pedals would help, but not essential.

Anyway check the flyer for more details."

Arcadia Check it out, after a 5 year slump, trials competitions in NSW are BACK! And they are kicking.
When: Sunday the 13 th August.
Where: Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club, Arcadia (directions at bottom)
Who: All trials riders, and anyone vaguely interested in trials riding. Novice, Sport and Elite classes. Rego from 9am. Riders Briefing at 9.30. Sport and Novice Class ride from 10am-1pm. Elite class starts at 1.30pm Entry fee: $15
Do I have to be an MTBA member to compete? No, day licenses will be available for $15
Which class should I ride? Elite and Sport class riders, you know who you are. Novice class will cater for beginner trials riders and any mountain biker who wants to have a go at trials. Novice lines will be set so that they are rideable on any kind of mountain bike. Dirt jumpers, freeriders, trailriders and even you fast XC guys, anyone who wants to try something different and work on their skills, this is a competition for you.

Want to know more? Contact Chris on 0410770507 or email Directions: Peebles Rd, Arcadia. Take Old Northern Rd through Dural towards Glenorie. Before Glenorie turn right into Wylds Rd, then left onto Arcadia Rd, followed by another left onto Cobah Rd (pay attention as Cobah Rd twists and turns!). Immediately on the left after Northolm Grammar School is Nollands Rd. Take Nollands Rd, Peebles Rd is the first right. If you are coming through Galston Gorge (as opposed to Old Northern Rd) simply turn onto Arcadia Rd from Galston Rd (right at the big roundabout at the shops), and follow on from above.


Weilrenner said...

"Boing, boing, boing"

School bully said...

Hop up Greybridge!! Well done Tompkinson, good show!! Good grief is that the school leopard on the rugby pitch again? Get off of there you spotted blighter!!!