Friday, July 07, 2006

Oscar winner!

I've got a lot of time for this guy.... three World Championships, and now only his second Tour stage win, well done Mr. Friere. Only one more chance for the sprinters, then the real race starts on Saturday with the first time trial. Let's hope Cadel can pull out a good ride, I think Rogers might do a good TT, but will probably get shelled in the mountains. My tip for Paris is still Landis, he's been hiding nicely, yeah I know he's a Yank, but Lance hates him, so he's alright by me! As long as Hincrappy does nothing, things are good.

I love seeing the briiliant architecture during the TV coverage, not so keen on listening to Sherwin trying to explain what the significance of the buildings is. "This is an old church, it was used in the 18th Century as a church, mainly for religious purposes, and later as a place of worship, before becoming a shrine to the leader of the Catholics, or Anglicans possibly.... you can see there that is has a roof."

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