Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Sounds of Silence

Hello darkness my old friend....
While neither Simon nor Garfunkel could make it, the Backs and I hit up Glenrock last night for my first night ride for a few weeks, and of course it was a blast. While I was sitting at the back trying not to implode due to my not-so-peak fitness, I realised that the aural elements of mountain biking are somewhat enhanced after dark. I made a mental list of sorts, and here's what I experienced.

*The 'scheeeeee' of tyres rolling over semi-dried mud.
*The 'sccrunchhhhh' of same tyres struggling through loose gravel.
*The 'hhfff, hhfff, hhfff' of my laboured breathing as we climbed Shit Pipe Hill for the second time.
*The 'hhhoooiiiikkk, pttt' of throats being cleared.
*The 'pgggghhhh-tschhh' of the waves crashing onto the sand as we traversed the headland.
*The 'clikclikcrrrunch' of a botched shift, usually followed by 'f@*K!'
*The rustle of leaves as a small possum climbed away from us as we slogged through ankle deep slop.
*The silent but visible smiles on our dials at the end of another soul-cleansing two-wheeled adventure.


Weilrenner said...

Yeah baby. Plenty more where that came from.

David Attenborough said...

Brett, you forgot to mention several other important nocturnal sounds often encountered on a night ride.
the "WREEEGHAAAAAAA!!!!" of the spotted night lark during mating season.
The "Pollygoo...pollygoo" of the crested reed hen in the swampy gullies.
The "NUK NUK..NUK NUK.." of the yellow throated tree frog.
and of course, the "PLEEE.. GOOP GOOP WAGAAARRRRRR!!!!!" of the extremely rare western banded arborial hairless mountain possum. only found on the highest peaks of the "Mujikolo" mountains in western Kenya!!!