Monday, July 03, 2006

I AM Joe Kid!!

Never forget your roots.... OK, I'm a child of the 70's, and back then bicycles were as huge a part of my life as they are today. We'd always be out riding, building tracks and jumps, and tinkering with our Dragsters, stripping them down to emulate our motocross heroes, with varying results. Then I was the envy of my mates when I was lucky enough to be bought one of these. A Yamaha Moto Bike.
Pimpin, bitchin, stylin! But still I'd tinker with it. I remember trying to extract more travel from the twin shocks at the rear by crudely adding aluminium struts between the top shock mounts and the frame. How I never died riding it in that configuration I'll never know. There's photos around somewhere, I'll try and dig em up in the next few days. I recall a photo of me with my Dragster pulling this exact same pose, probably wearing clothes just as bad as these! Anyway, all these memories came flooding back on the weekend when Johnny K and myself watched Joe Kid on a Stingray, a doco on the history of BMX. (click on the 'trailer' for a sneek peek) What a great film. It was like looking into my own childhood. The bikes, the riders, the bad hair, it was my life right there on the big screen. Even if you weren't around in the 70's, or have never ridden a BMX bike, this film is really worth checking out. No hi-tech equipment, no extreme attitudes, just kids riding their bikes and having a blast. Exactly how it should be.

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