Monday, July 31, 2006

Mobile Mechanic business falls at first hurdle...

After my brilliant idea of fixing bikes on the go, the results have been less than successful, to say the least. Seems Russell just doesn't know when to 'let go', and Big Tone really is a crap's the first customer getting his wheels 'trued'.

"You just take a seat while I check those wheels for you..."

"Yeah, seems like a bit of a buckle in that front one..."

What's that? You want WARRANTY? Tone, reverse it up!"


Russell said...

This was definately not the first time that big tone has reversed over someones wheel. The important thing to note here is the fact that the rider in question was not riding for our team! I had simply grabbed hold of the c#%t and forced him under our wheels because he was threatening our riders on G.C. That'll teach the f#$ker!!

Emilio Estervez said...

Hey, that reminds me of the time when a wagon rolled over my foot on the set of Young Guns! Charlie Sheen laughed his ass off but DAMN it freaking hurt!!

Kiefer Sutherland said...

If I remember correctly Emilio it wasn't a wagon, it was a sandwich cart. You were drunk off your tits at a school fete in san antonio and Charlie Sheen wasn't even there!! You dumb ass!!

Charlie Sheen said...

Hey Emilio,

Kiefer is right, i was off chasing Jon Bon Jovis autograph while they were filming the "blaze of glory" filmclip.

The incedent in question actully occured on the "men at work" set.

It wasnt a sandwich cart either, it was a garbage truck.