Monday, July 31, 2006

Beer of the Week

Ah yes, a good ol' drop this one. Coopers Sparkling Ale. Cloudy, gritty and good. Sediment in the bottom of the you leave it or mix it? I prefer a gentle inversion to mix it around, seems to give it more kick. I remember the first time I drank this South Australian legend, it must've been about 88, waiting to go on stage to play bass with a couple of mates' little musical combo. I had three or four while they did the first acoustic set, and then I got up. My vocals were rendered useless, and my fingers weren't much better. I didn't realise that it packs 5.8% alcohol, and I paid the price. Had a bloody great night though! Don't know how the audience liked it, but I didn't care, as I was very, very drunk...

Mobile Mechanic business falls at first hurdle...

After my brilliant idea of fixing bikes on the go, the results have been less than successful, to say the least. Seems Russell just doesn't know when to 'let go', and Big Tone really is a crap's the first customer getting his wheels 'trued'.

"You just take a seat while I check those wheels for you..."

"Yeah, seems like a bit of a buckle in that front one..."

What's that? You want WARRANTY? Tone, reverse it up!"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Shit, meet fan....

Holy Shit! That was my reaction this morning when I logged on over breakfast and read the news that Floyd Landis (AKA Lloyd Flanders) was the rider who had turned in a positive drug test at Le Tour. I'd heard in the days prior that a rider had tested positive, and had a small suspicion it could've been him, but was still gobsmacked when I read it. Without judging him guilty just yet, I won't be surprised if he is found to have doped, on the day of his amazing ride to Morzine, just a day after his shocker in stage 16. To come back that strongly was remarkable, and now maybe, just maybe, we have an explanation. Could it explain why he drank so much water during the stage, to flush his system? Was his aggressive victory 'salute', punching the air, teeth clenched, a result of an excess of testosterone? But I'm most shocked that some sources are saying it could've been a result of the beer he drank the night before...yeah right! I won't hear a bad word about beer! Draw your own conclusions, I'll draw mine when the B sample is returned.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dare's gold in dem dare wheels

Oh Baby....drool...they arrived today...drool...I like em...dribble....they look spectacular....drool....they're light...slurp....I need a tissue....ahhhhh. Bask in the I know what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction....

Monday, July 24, 2006

As Jack Thompson once said, "Now we can all get some sleep... huhuh"

*First person to identify where the Jack Thompson quote is from wins a prize, to be selected from my fine collection of old tyres and other assorted bike know you want it!*

Well Le Tour is over for another year, thousands of cycling fans around the country can finally go to work resembling humans again. SBS must be commended for bringing us every stage live again this year, and even though they have some major problems to iron out (read: Tomalaris, badly timed ads), it's awesome that a free-to-air broadcaster puts so much into cycling in this country. As for the racing itself, well it's been the best Tour for a long time, probably the best I've ever seen. Landis deserved his win, he seems like a pretty genuine sort of guy, didn't talk himself up, offered no excuses when he was going bad or made a tactical error, and didn't take any backhanded swipes at the French or his rivals, unlike his predecessor. McEwen showed he is the best sprinter out there, but was given a few good runs by Hushovd, Freire and not so much by a disappointing Boonen. Chicken's ride through the Alps to win Stage 16 was epic, and he's a worthy 2 time KOM. And watch out for Cunego and Fothen in years to come, their White Jersey battle went down to the wire. I always enjoy the Champs Elysees stage, even though you know it will be a saunter for the first two hours and a bunch sprint at the end, but the scenery is just mind-blowing. Thor really stitched up Robbie too, and what a double for the Thunder God, winning the Prologue and the final stage, a very rare double indeed. Well, I'm off to bed, oh wait, it's only 2 in the afternoon.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Can you say BLING?

After months of procrasination, deliberation and contemplation, I finally made a decision on my new road wheels. Rather than settle for something just 'nice', I threw down for a set of DT Swiss RR1450 Oro's. What's so special about them? Well, besides featuring the very best, bombproof, light-as-hell hubs (240s's) and not breaking the rules (black rims), these babys feature gold spokes. Not just gold-coloured spokes, but 24 Carat gold-plated spokes. And they are a limited edition, not just a bit limited, but way limited, to 300 sets Worldwide, and only TEN in Australia. Hopefully none in Newcastle. Besides looking awesome, they weigh nothing (1450 grams/set) and will even do the washing up and make your bed for you. I may have lied about the last bit, but damn, who cares? Drooool.

Beer of the Week (possibly century)

After a week of drinking alcohol-enhanced water, I needed something with some flavour, dammit. As I stood shivering in the coolroom, I perused the specials. Becks was pretty cheap, but I'd had a couple of slabs of it in the past few months. Hollandia and Bavaria were their usual low price, but don't really excite the palate too much. There was only one thing left to do. Spend a little extra (well, a lot extra) and be guaranteed quality, taste and class. A case of James Squire Pilsener was the answer. Possibly my very favourite, along with another brew which I will cover in the coming weeks. The first sip was just as I remembered it. Crisp, hoppy, delicious. More than worth the extra bucks. The Czechs may have invented Pilsener, but one dead Aussie perfected it. Onya, Jimmy.

Friday, July 21, 2006 there anything it can't do?

After one of the most amazing rides in Tour history, the man who has nothing going for him (American, Mennonite, dodgy hip, bad, bad head) hinted that beer played a part in his Lazarus-like comeback into yellow jersey reckoning. Watching his performance last night, I didn't know what to feel... Yeah, I'd tipped him to win the Tour, but I really wanted to see Pereiro take a bigger lead into the final TT, and hold on to Paris. I think now that Landis will win the Tour, and he deserves it after that. To lose ten minutes in one stage, then to gain nearly all of it back the next day is remarkable. But who knows, maybe he'll get another bad batch of blood or EPO again, and fall apart. Whatever happens, it's still been the best Tour in my viewing history.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

All I can say is WOW!

It's 2am... I'm wired, thanks to a combination of late night coffee and one of the best damn Tour de France stages I've ever witnessed. Phenomenal. Awesome. Stunning. Words can't describe it. Except those ones, and the ones I'm about to write.

The race has been turned on it's head, and who knows what is to come. This is the most open and exciting Tour in, what, SEVEN YEARS! No-one could've predicted at the start of the stage that Landis would not only be out of yellow, but would lose eight minutes to Pereiro. He absolutely exploded!

A spectator shows Landis where he's heading.

And Kloden, Evans, Pereiro took full advantage. It was Menchov who did the initial damage, but then he paid the price too. Great win for Chicken, in the same fashion as he won a stage last year, on a loooong break, picking up all the big KOM points along the way. And this Dessel character is hanging in there too. So many variables. Who needs Ullrich, Basso, and that other guy.

Chicken spreads his wings. Or believes he's Jesus.

And another highlight of the stage was....NO ADS on the last climb... well done SBS! They must've copped a barrage of emails and phone calls after last nights efforts. Power to the people! Tomalaris is still a putz though, but some things are inevitable I guess.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm frustrated.... now. Last night I was bemused, confused, angry, livid, in between bouts of excitement, wonderment and satisfaction. I was excited as the riders in Stage 15 headed towards the legendary Alpe d'Huez, for what promised to be a monumental battle. I watched in wonderment as spent riders from the early breakaway (read: Voigt, Mazzoleni, Merckx) dug deep into their reserves for one more gargantuan effort to help their team leaders who were approaching from behind. I felt satisfaction as Hincrappy and his Discovery cronies were spat out the back like the pack fodder they have become. But then it happened. As Landis upped the tempo and put Menchov, Leipheimer et al into trouble, SBS cut to an ad. Not one ad, but three ads. Not three little ads, but three long-winded ads. Not three long-winded ads about mobile phones or beer, but three long-winded ads about what shows are on SBS on Friday night! I was out of my seat, contemplating ringing the station to voice my bemusement and disatisfaction (read: abuse the crap out of the poor telephone operator unfortunate enough to answer my call). After what seemed an eternity, we were returned to the action. We'd missed probably the most crucial move of not only the stage, but possibly the Tour to date. Not to worry, at least it's back on now, things are hotting up at the front as Schleck and Cunego battle it out for the stage victo...NOOOO!!! Another F'in AD! Renault. The one with the food as crash test dummies. Good, clever ad, but NOT NOW!!!! The race unfolds once again. Evans is dropped, Menchov looks like he's about to go into cardiac arrest, Schleck attacks, and AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! You know the rest. A great stage, one of the most famous stages in cycling, ruined (or at best, severely tarnished) by some dropkick pushing buttons in the middle of the night. Ok, gotta pay the bills, but in the two hours of coverage leading up to the finale, there were very few ads, and certainly not three within the space of 15 minutes. Was someone being 'funny?' No one is laughing. It's bad enough we have to put up with Tomalaris' prolific ineptitude, but at least let us enjoy the racing. It wouldn't happen in extra time in a World Cup Football match, why should it happen in Le Tour? Last year it was crossing to the Ashes during the Champs Elysees stage, and now this. Email drafted and ready for deployment. Join me, fellow cycling nuts, in our condemnation of this abhorent sportscasting.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Magnet Animalism

Deano has done it again. No, not made a lame fart joke, or been caught perving on some young mother in the supermarket. He's taken out the Vet's class at the latest State XC round at Arcadia (still don't know where the hell that is!). And Scotty snared a top 5 finish in Masters. STOP PRESS!!! Scotty tells me that the race was actually the State Championship...therefore DEANO IS GOD!! Well, State Champion anyway.... Once again, well done you Magnets! Here's an artist's impression.

Scotty radios back to the Magnets' team support vehicle "I need more lollies, repeat, MORE LOLLIES!"

Deano spots a MILF in aisle 5. The chase begins.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


After rain scuppered any chance of a ride on Saturday, it was slightly clearer skies this morning so a little jaunt on the road was just what the doctor ordered. As Andrea was up for the weekend and set off on a jaunt of her own with Kelly and the 'old blokes' (yes, even older than me and Col!), I kept the Dishevelled Doc company along with Christ and Cozza for a nice little 70k'er. I'm slowly startin to gain some semblance of 'real' fitness, the lungs aren't too bad but the legs turn to jelly on anything with more than a 2% gradient. But whatever doesn't kill you, doesn't kill you.

"Oh ya, I luff zis song! Iz doing my 'ed in! Woot woot!"

A great win for the 'other big German' Jens Voigt plus a change in yellow overnight in Stage 13 of the Tour, with Landis' Phonak team not bothering to do too much to pull back a break with almost 30 minutes advantage, handing over the golden fleece to their former team-mate Oscar Pereiro, who now has 1'30" over Floyd.
Looks like Oscar got the downers and not the uppers. "I am very upset, Jens iss having great time, dancing, and my pill does not seem to be doing anyting."

He shouldn't pose too many problems for the hearing aid boys though, he's a solid climber but not in the same league as Landis, Evans, Menchov etc on the big Cols (no, not him...the climbs). But I won't write Pereiro off just yet, I'll wait to after l'Alpe D'Huez stage to do that. It's great that this Tour is still so unpredictable going into the third week, by this time in the last seven years, it was all over bar the bitchy celebration speeches. Thanks Lance, for de-mystifying the World's greatest bike race.

And as if to prove what an arrogant, self-righteous knob he is, check out what o'l one nut had to say in his latest attempt to further piss off the French. All class (no 'cl'). And I happened upon this while over at the Bikemag forums on the weekend.... Can't wait till something gives, and the shit really hits the fan.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Beer of the Weak

This little number comes all the way from Central America, and the formerly war-torn country of El Salvador. What better way to forget the ravages of war than to drink beer? Attracted by the bright and colourful bottle, I was expecting a lively beer, but on first tasting was left thinking that this beer is a little like making love in a dinghy: it's f*cking close to water! But then I remembered the old standby used to enhance the palate of it's North American cousin, Corona: i.e. whack a slice of lime in it. Voila! Instant taste, probably better than the Mexican brew, or at least very similar. I'm gonna need more limes though, gotta get through a case of the stuff.

Hop to it, XC stylee!

Hot off the presses from Tomkinson comes news of the third round of the NSW Trials series, at Arcadia (wherever the hell that is!) Here's his email, and details of the day.

"Quain and myself are organising the 3rd round of the NSW Trials series at Arcadia. The beginner sections will be set for XC bikes, so i thought you guys might like to come (or anyone else interested) you wont be hopping any of that shit, just technical rolling stuff. Should be pretty good fun. Just put ya seat down and some flat pedals would help, but not essential.

Anyway check the flyer for more details."

Arcadia Check it out, after a 5 year slump, trials competitions in NSW are BACK! And they are kicking.
When: Sunday the 13 th August.
Where: Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club, Arcadia (directions at bottom)
Who: All trials riders, and anyone vaguely interested in trials riding. Novice, Sport and Elite classes. Rego from 9am. Riders Briefing at 9.30. Sport and Novice Class ride from 10am-1pm. Elite class starts at 1.30pm Entry fee: $15
Do I have to be an MTBA member to compete? No, day licenses will be available for $15
Which class should I ride? Elite and Sport class riders, you know who you are. Novice class will cater for beginner trials riders and any mountain biker who wants to have a go at trials. Novice lines will be set so that they are rideable on any kind of mountain bike. Dirt jumpers, freeriders, trailriders and even you fast XC guys, anyone who wants to try something different and work on their skills, this is a competition for you.

Want to know more? Contact Chris on 0410770507 or email Directions: Peebles Rd, Arcadia. Take Old Northern Rd through Dural towards Glenorie. Before Glenorie turn right into Wylds Rd, then left onto Arcadia Rd, followed by another left onto Cobah Rd (pay attention as Cobah Rd twists and turns!). Immediately on the left after Northolm Grammar School is Nollands Rd. Take Nollands Rd, Peebles Rd is the first right. If you are coming through Galston Gorge (as opposed to Old Northern Rd) simply turn onto Arcadia Rd from Galston Rd (right at the big roundabout at the shops), and follow on from above.

Upwardly mobile mechanics needed

Whilst watching Le Tour on Wednesday with Klink, we had a great idea for a new cycling business venture. As a mechanic hung out of a car window adjusting a rider's derailleur, it dawned on us... a truly 'mobile mechanic'. Imagine the scenario; customer enters shop, and indicates he is in need of a service. "My gears are slipping." The crack team of mobile mechanics swings into action. "OK, Tony, go and grab the car, warm up the engine. Russ, get your tools sorted, there's a gear adjust to do. Sir, if you'd just like to mount your bike, the team will meet you in the carpark. Please wear a helmet and make sure your hands are free of any dirt or grease that may hinder your ability to safely grip the door sill. And please sign this waiver in case of death."
It's a winner.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poster Boy for a Generation, or Media Slut?

Who'd have thought it would come to this? Due to a desperate shortage of good-looking riders, and the reluctance of male models to get sweaty and/or dirty, the organisers of the Highland Fling have resorted to using images of struggling Masters racers to adorn their promotional material. If you look closely (clik the above link, front left of right pic),you will see our favourite dishevelled doctor, the king of the Colin-oscopy, heading the pack across a grassy knoll in search of a cheap feed of fish n chips and a comfy lawnchair. Not content with an appearance in Ride magazine, Mountain Biking Australia, and New Idea, your's truly has his 'mug that sunk a thousand ships' splashed across the poster for this years suffer-fest. If I'd known that this was gonna happen, I'd have worn the tight blue shorts and put on the blonde wig. So, who's up for a fling?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I told you I was Joe Kid!

As reported in an earlier post, I was a demon on the Dragster and the Yamaha Moto Bike....I also said I was probably guilty of shocking 70's fashion crimes, and now here's the awful proof. Mum, how could you dress me like that? Actually, I think I'm lookin' pretty damn sharp there, check out those oh-so-tight shorts, matched beautifully with the white and brown floral motif shirt. Complemented by the floral motif sissy-bar pad. Look how much bling is adorning my ride though... chrome fenders and chainguard, triple-barrel air horn, 3-speed stick-shift, twin headlights (dunno why I needed those, would never have been riding at night!), chrome front rack, whitewall tyres and white brake and gear cable housing. At one stage I was flying the Jolly Roger flag on the back, too! Then it all got stripped down to nothing, re-sprayed, and thrashed till it died. Then there's the Moto Bike.... look at my ingenuity, with the struts at the back. I think they were probably from some aluminium windows, as Dad was in that game at the time. The fork 'boots' were some old plastic piping I found up at the old dump where we used to ride, mustn't have had enough to make two the right length, judging by the pic. The struts weren't on there for long, I probably realised that they weren't adding any travel, just increasing the chances of my premature death. Either that or I couldn't climb aboard the bloody thing without a ladder. Scotty had one of these as well, and bought another a few years back apparently, which is sitting rusting in his garage today. He proferred this information to me via email last week:

"Yammys came out 74-76. I had a type A, standard seat, forged lower front forks, yellow. Type B had banana seat, silver looking fork lowers and a crank with 3 spider arms. Type C had banana seat and one piece bmx style cranks. I have a rusty 1975ish Yamaha Motobike in shed, not my original bike picked it up a few years ago. Not totally original but what is 30 years on. I thought you'd appreciate that piece of crappy trivia...............Scott."

I do, Scott, I do.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Sounds of Silence

Hello darkness my old friend....
While neither Simon nor Garfunkel could make it, the Backs and I hit up Glenrock last night for my first night ride for a few weeks, and of course it was a blast. While I was sitting at the back trying not to implode due to my not-so-peak fitness, I realised that the aural elements of mountain biking are somewhat enhanced after dark. I made a mental list of sorts, and here's what I experienced.

*The 'scheeeeee' of tyres rolling over semi-dried mud.
*The 'sccrunchhhhh' of same tyres struggling through loose gravel.
*The 'hhfff, hhfff, hhfff' of my laboured breathing as we climbed Shit Pipe Hill for the second time.
*The 'hhhoooiiiikkk, pttt' of throats being cleared.
*The 'pgggghhhh-tschhh' of the waves crashing onto the sand as we traversed the headland.
*The 'clikclikcrrrunch' of a botched shift, usually followed by 'f@*K!'
*The rustle of leaves as a small possum climbed away from us as we slogged through ankle deep slop.
*The silent but visible smiles on our dials at the end of another soul-cleansing two-wheeled adventure.

A Mountain Biker will win Le Tour

Yes, you heard it here first. After the first long Time Trial of the Tour, my prediction of Floyd Landis as a likely winner is looking ok. And our boy Cadel is sitting nicely too. If either of these guys wins it, then we can safely say that mountain bikers rule! (Even though Landis wasn't much chop on the dirt.) Don't count out Kloden either. I think it might come down to these three in the mountains, setting up a showdown in the final TT. Who'd have thought that drugs could have a 'positive' effect on a bike race?

Cheer up Floyd, Lance hasn't arrived at the Tour yet....

While I'm blowing smoke up my own arse, I also predicted that Gonchar/Honchar was a chance in this stage, in my article in Bicycling Australia Magazine. But the best outcome of the stage was Hincrappy losing time, and his sudden reluctance to talk himself up. Hopefully by the time Armstrong arrives (he thinks he's welcome there for some reason), he will be out the arse where he belongs.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Beer of the Week

Since there's 'beer' in the title of this humble little blurg, I thought it might be time to tell you what I'm drinking, rather than just drinking it! So here I give you the inaugural inductee into the Brewski Hall of Fame.
A top little drop this one, from my favourite brewer, the Malt Shovel Brewery, and Mr. James Squire. This is their Golden Ale, which sits somewhere in taste between their Pilsener (excellence personified), and the Amber Ale. Tastes a lot hoppier than an ale usually does, quite a light body and a nice golden colour. Probably why they named it such. Not too malty, as some ales taste to me. But I could be wrong, as I'm very, very, drunk.

Oscar winner!

I've got a lot of time for this guy.... three World Championships, and now only his second Tour stage win, well done Mr. Friere. Only one more chance for the sprinters, then the real race starts on Saturday with the first time trial. Let's hope Cadel can pull out a good ride, I think Rogers might do a good TT, but will probably get shelled in the mountains. My tip for Paris is still Landis, he's been hiding nicely, yeah I know he's a Yank, but Lance hates him, so he's alright by me! As long as Hincrappy does nothing, things are good.

I love seeing the briiliant architecture during the TV coverage, not so keen on listening to Sherwin trying to explain what the significance of the buildings is. "This is an old church, it was used in the 18th Century as a church, mainly for religious purposes, and later as a place of worship, before becoming a shrine to the leader of the Catholics, or Anglicans possibly.... you can see there that is has a roof."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Check this out, for those who don't know me, this all took place right out the front of where I work! Shop was shut at the time though. I happened upon this story by chance...

Assault accused dies after being arrested

More Random-ness

*It's hard to be humble: when you're an American Pro cyclist, apparently. Looks like Hincapie has been taking lessons in humility from his former leader. After the first stage of Le Tour, when he gained the yellow jersey, Hincrappy could only say how disappointed he was in the Prologue to come second, and that he deserved to get the yellow. No mention that Hushovd rode a great Prologue, or how in the Stage 1 sprint that Thor had his arm almost cut off by a spectator's promotional inflatable hand. No, it's all about George. Good to see Thor get the yellow back on Stage 2. Here's hoping Hincapie hits an inflatable hand with his throat.

*World Crap Soccer: I'm a huge football (real football i.e soccer) fan, but this World Cup has been a bit of a let-down so far for me. Sure, there's been some great goals and a lot of controversial refereeing, but the teams are all playing so cautiously, trying not to lose rather than to win. Australia did great to reach the second round, and were a little unlucky to lose to Italy, but all the whinging from the uninformed Aussie public and sections of the media became a bit tedious. Bottom line is, Neill should've known better than to attempt a tackle in the box in the dying minutes of a WC game. He says he'll be haunted by it forever, and that's justice enough!

*Tomkinson sent me a link to a video of him and his hop buddies doing their thing at Terrigal, I can't open it but I'll post the link and hopefully you guys might be able to view it. Here's hopping, I mean hoping.

*Are Liggett et al watching the same race as I am? In the sprint in Stage 2, McEwen and Hushovd almost tangle, with Thor unclipping and one-legging it across the line. He then points at Robbie as if to say "he chopped me". I noticed this straight away. Somehow Liggett, Sherwin, Basheer and that putz Tomalaris all were repeatedly saying Thor was pumping his fist in joy that he'd gotten the yellow jersey back. And I'm certain I later heard Tomalaris call the Saunier Duvall team "Soviet Duvall". SBS, wake up, it's time for BrettOK to step into the fold!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I AM Joe Kid!!

Never forget your roots.... OK, I'm a child of the 70's, and back then bicycles were as huge a part of my life as they are today. We'd always be out riding, building tracks and jumps, and tinkering with our Dragsters, stripping them down to emulate our motocross heroes, with varying results. Then I was the envy of my mates when I was lucky enough to be bought one of these. A Yamaha Moto Bike.
Pimpin, bitchin, stylin! But still I'd tinker with it. I remember trying to extract more travel from the twin shocks at the rear by crudely adding aluminium struts between the top shock mounts and the frame. How I never died riding it in that configuration I'll never know. There's photos around somewhere, I'll try and dig em up in the next few days. I recall a photo of me with my Dragster pulling this exact same pose, probably wearing clothes just as bad as these! Anyway, all these memories came flooding back on the weekend when Johnny K and myself watched Joe Kid on a Stingray, a doco on the history of BMX. (click on the 'trailer' for a sneek peek) What a great film. It was like looking into my own childhood. The bikes, the riders, the bad hair, it was my life right there on the big screen. Even if you weren't around in the 70's, or have never ridden a BMX bike, this film is really worth checking out. No hi-tech equipment, no extreme attitudes, just kids riding their bikes and having a blast. Exactly how it should be.

Random Shite

Ok, there's a few things I'd like to say, but they don't really warrant their own posts, so I'll just scrunch em all up in a little ball and throw it at you. Here we go.

*MAGNETS WIN AGAIN! Scotty and Deano cleaned up again yesterday at Rd. 4 of the Working Week Series at Yarramundi, West Sydney. Deano said that Scotty was doing some good times, which would make a nice change! Sorry Scotty. Deano also said that they both woke up angry and fired up after they both had dreams about Burgo! That's enough to make anyone angry....

*SBS's Tour Coverage: Kudos to SBS for bringing us live stages every night again this year. Brickbats to SBS for allowing Mike Tomalaris to get anywhere near a bike race. He is a hack! Every year I write to SBS to point out this fact, and the fact that I could be doing his job so much better... I'll be writing again this year I think, if he keeps up his inauspicious start to the Tour... I'm sure he wouldn't get Armstrongs name wrong, so what excuse is there for stating Valverde's first name as 'Allesandro'? (It's Alejandro). He must be sacked, or killed.

*Weekend adventures: Myself, Tomky, Christine and Kedan met up with Nath at Ourimbah on Sunday for a ride, we were all suffering a little, not just from lack of fitness, but from some bad choices in routes, thanks Nath! But what's a ride without a little adventure? Read Christine's account here.

*You know it's cold when.... Bolts (my cat) stays in all night, for 5 nights running!

*Testing, testing, 1 2 3... Got sent some product to test for the mag last week, a saddle from Syncros and a cable sealing kit from Clarks. Mmmmm, free stuff!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Death to Dickheads

Went down to the Central Coast last weekend for Nath's birthday. Waiting outside a club for a cab, I spotted a young fella coming out wearing a "Death To The Pixies" T-shirt. I thought, "Cool, the younger generation aren't all completely devoid of musical taste." Then he started abusing the doormen and other punters, offering anyone within earshot the chance to "suck my f'in c*ck" over and over. I declined to take him up on the offer, but I did feel like ripping the shirt from his back and giving it a decent home. The Pixies don't deserve that!