Sunday, July 16, 2006


After rain scuppered any chance of a ride on Saturday, it was slightly clearer skies this morning so a little jaunt on the road was just what the doctor ordered. As Andrea was up for the weekend and set off on a jaunt of her own with Kelly and the 'old blokes' (yes, even older than me and Col!), I kept the Dishevelled Doc company along with Christ and Cozza for a nice little 70k'er. I'm slowly startin to gain some semblance of 'real' fitness, the lungs aren't too bad but the legs turn to jelly on anything with more than a 2% gradient. But whatever doesn't kill you, doesn't kill you.

"Oh ya, I luff zis song! Iz doing my 'ed in! Woot woot!"

A great win for the 'other big German' Jens Voigt plus a change in yellow overnight in Stage 13 of the Tour, with Landis' Phonak team not bothering to do too much to pull back a break with almost 30 minutes advantage, handing over the golden fleece to their former team-mate Oscar Pereiro, who now has 1'30" over Floyd.
Looks like Oscar got the downers and not the uppers. "I am very upset, Jens iss having great time, dancing, and my pill does not seem to be doing anyting."

He shouldn't pose too many problems for the hearing aid boys though, he's a solid climber but not in the same league as Landis, Evans, Menchov etc on the big Cols (no, not him...the climbs). But I won't write Pereiro off just yet, I'll wait to after l'Alpe D'Huez stage to do that. It's great that this Tour is still so unpredictable going into the third week, by this time in the last seven years, it was all over bar the bitchy celebration speeches. Thanks Lance, for de-mystifying the World's greatest bike race.

And as if to prove what an arrogant, self-righteous knob he is, check out what o'l one nut had to say in his latest attempt to further piss off the French. All class (no 'cl'). And I happened upon this while over at the Bikemag forums on the weekend.... Can't wait till something gives, and the shit really hits the fan.


K said...

I heard Lance rode downhill in the off season. He's a legend!! Rumour has it that he trained riding up all the hills then hopped on his Stinky for the smashfest on the way back down!! Wild Man!!

brettok said...

"hopped on his stinky"? so he does trials too?

Weilrenner said...

Boing, boing, boing. I think Lancey boy hopped onto to something downhill after he climbed up each berg in Le Tour, And it wasn't a bike. It was a load of "too cool for school" comments about how he did it so easy and that the passionate euros (who enjoy a win)arn't worth any credit. What a wanker. Downhill comments.

Ian Campbell the third said...

I love Lance! He reminds me of my bum!! A stinky, shit filled, sack of steaming crap!!! I really like Cadel Evans too, he reminds me of a clapped out old bus!! A worthless whining bucket of shit that can't get up hills even though everyone thinks it should because it's got wheels!!! F%$ck them both!!! F*&^K them both in the eye with a fossilised piece of walrus crap!!!

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