Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beer of the Week (possibly century)

After a week of drinking alcohol-enhanced water, I needed something with some flavour, dammit. As I stood shivering in the coolroom, I perused the specials. Becks was pretty cheap, but I'd had a couple of slabs of it in the past few months. Hollandia and Bavaria were their usual low price, but don't really excite the palate too much. There was only one thing left to do. Spend a little extra (well, a lot extra) and be guaranteed quality, taste and class. A case of James Squire Pilsener was the answer. Possibly my very favourite, along with another brew which I will cover in the coming weeks. The first sip was just as I remembered it. Crisp, hoppy, delicious. More than worth the extra bucks. The Czechs may have invented Pilsener, but one dead Aussie perfected it. Onya, Jimmy.

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