Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Random-ness

*It's hard to be humble: when you're an American Pro cyclist, apparently. Looks like Hincapie has been taking lessons in humility from his former leader. After the first stage of Le Tour, when he gained the yellow jersey, Hincrappy could only say how disappointed he was in the Prologue to come second, and that he deserved to get the yellow. No mention that Hushovd rode a great Prologue, or how in the Stage 1 sprint that Thor had his arm almost cut off by a spectator's promotional inflatable hand. No, it's all about George. Good to see Thor get the yellow back on Stage 2. Here's hoping Hincapie hits an inflatable hand with his throat.

*World Crap Soccer: I'm a huge football (real football i.e soccer) fan, but this World Cup has been a bit of a let-down so far for me. Sure, there's been some great goals and a lot of controversial refereeing, but the teams are all playing so cautiously, trying not to lose rather than to win. Australia did great to reach the second round, and were a little unlucky to lose to Italy, but all the whinging from the uninformed Aussie public and sections of the media became a bit tedious. Bottom line is, Neill should've known better than to attempt a tackle in the box in the dying minutes of a WC game. He says he'll be haunted by it forever, and that's justice enough!

*Tomkinson sent me a link to a video of him and his hop buddies doing their thing at Terrigal, I can't open it but I'll post the link and hopefully you guys might be able to view it. Here's hopping, I mean hoping.

*Are Liggett et al watching the same race as I am? In the sprint in Stage 2, McEwen and Hushovd almost tangle, with Thor unclipping and one-legging it across the line. He then points at Robbie as if to say "he chopped me". I noticed this straight away. Somehow Liggett, Sherwin, Basheer and that putz Tomalaris all were repeatedly saying Thor was pumping his fist in joy that he'd gotten the yellow jersey back. And I'm certain I later heard Tomalaris call the Saunier Duvall team "Soviet Duvall". SBS, wake up, it's time for BrettOK to step into the fold!


Anonymous said...

i love lance and george, could listen to mike tomelaris 4 hours on end, hate SOCCER and much prefer the company of nuts over bolts. (his fur is much softer).

brettok said...

Why don't you put your name on your posts, COL? And we all know how you like soft, furry nuts....

Anonymous said...

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brettok said...

Hey! Fuck off!