Monday, July 03, 2006

Random Shite

Ok, there's a few things I'd like to say, but they don't really warrant their own posts, so I'll just scrunch em all up in a little ball and throw it at you. Here we go.

*MAGNETS WIN AGAIN! Scotty and Deano cleaned up again yesterday at Rd. 4 of the Working Week Series at Yarramundi, West Sydney. Deano said that Scotty was doing some good times, which would make a nice change! Sorry Scotty. Deano also said that they both woke up angry and fired up after they both had dreams about Burgo! That's enough to make anyone angry....

*SBS's Tour Coverage: Kudos to SBS for bringing us live stages every night again this year. Brickbats to SBS for allowing Mike Tomalaris to get anywhere near a bike race. He is a hack! Every year I write to SBS to point out this fact, and the fact that I could be doing his job so much better... I'll be writing again this year I think, if he keeps up his inauspicious start to the Tour... I'm sure he wouldn't get Armstrongs name wrong, so what excuse is there for stating Valverde's first name as 'Allesandro'? (It's Alejandro). He must be sacked, or killed.

*Weekend adventures: Myself, Tomky, Christine and Kedan met up with Nath at Ourimbah on Sunday for a ride, we were all suffering a little, not just from lack of fitness, but from some bad choices in routes, thanks Nath! But what's a ride without a little adventure? Read Christine's account here.

*You know it's cold when.... Bolts (my cat) stays in all night, for 5 nights running!

*Testing, testing, 1 2 3... Got sent some product to test for the mag last week, a saddle from Syncros and a cable sealing kit from Clarks. Mmmmm, free stuff!

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