Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Mountain Biker will win Le Tour

Yes, you heard it here first. After the first long Time Trial of the Tour, my prediction of Floyd Landis as a likely winner is looking ok. And our boy Cadel is sitting nicely too. If either of these guys wins it, then we can safely say that mountain bikers rule! (Even though Landis wasn't much chop on the dirt.) Don't count out Kloden either. I think it might come down to these three in the mountains, setting up a showdown in the final TT. Who'd have thought that drugs could have a 'positive' effect on a bike race?

Cheer up Floyd, Lance hasn't arrived at the Tour yet....

While I'm blowing smoke up my own arse, I also predicted that Gonchar/Honchar was a chance in this stage, in my article in Bicycling Australia Magazine. But the best outcome of the stage was Hincrappy losing time, and his sudden reluctance to talk himself up. Hopefully by the time Armstrong arrives (he thinks he's welcome there for some reason), he will be out the arse where he belongs.

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