Friday, March 02, 2007

Rad Ross ratifies riding request in Rotorua. Result: Ragdoll... OK o.d's on overtly obtuse obfuscations

Spurred on by K-man's challenge in the comments section of the last post (not really, we only saw that after the fact), we hit the trails of Whakarewarawa for some action. And did we get some action... First up we hit the local shops and Zippys cafe for a pre-ride bagel, then it was into the climbing and the singletrack flow show. We did the usual suspects, A Trail, Tickler, up to Hot X Buns, then up the loooong climb to Billy T. What a fun ride... Ross led down, and I was glued to his rear wheel until about 2/3s down, when he just opened it up and smoked me, hardtail and all. The lad has some serious skills, bike skills, nunchuck skills... At the bottom of this trail lies a rather largish gap jump, where he was waiting for my sorry arse. Of course I encouraged him to hit it up for some some pics, and he obliged. Three times. No sweat (literally, he just doesn't sweat). Then it was down Chestnut, Rollercoaster, and the Chinese Menu trails, back to B Rude Not 2, one of the best trails in the place. We finished up with Exit/NDO, goading rad boy into riding the North Shore style log, which of course was no problem. I warned Ross that there was a drop off that had to be hit with some speed, not rolled over, and I led the way, hitting it with style and grace. As I landed I heard the sound of air being expelled from lungs and carbon launching into foliage. My first thoughts were "oh shit, there goes his season", but after checking that he was unscathed, the laughter was hard to suppress, and the camera was soon deployed. Could've been so much different though..... I told him he'd look back at this and laugh, which only took about an hour and three beers. Best medicine there is.

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freemo said...

damn, i want to be back there with a working shoulder!

best day of riding ive ever had was on these trails.

keep the dream alive man, wish i was there.