Sunday, March 18, 2007

Havana good time

It's been a rainy couple of days here, so with the prospect of no riding today, we headed out last night for a few beers on the town. 'We' is my workmate Josh, and his friends Yasmine and Ritchie. First stop was the Southern Cross, a quite upmarket type of pub, with a cool courtyard out the back and a not-so-riffraff clientele. As was driving, I didn't help too much with the draining of jugs, but a few went down nicely that's for sure. We were gonna call it a night, but decided to head just around the corner to the Havana Bar where Josh said a DJ called Recloose was playing. I'd seen a story on tv last week about this guy. He's moved here from Detroit, and lives on a property outside of Wellington somewhere, making music and living up to his name. As we walked into a dark backstreet lined with panel beating shops and dodgy looking tatto parlours, I wondered why we were walking towards an old house. Turns out the old house is actually the bar. It's like walking through someone's living room, down the hall, make yourself comfy on their lounges. Cool. Recloose was spinning some funk, house and hip hop infused beats (on vinyl too), with a friendly vibe among the punters. The cucumber water was going down a treat too! Met a few more cool people, including a dude who knows James from work, and a slightly crazy but gorgeous girl named Gosia, who wanted to see what socks I was wearing. She had big wooly ones on, coz she'd been to the big outdour gig at the Basin Reserve in the wet. I headed home about 2, which became 1 with daylight savings ending today, to watch Bolton get flogged by Man U 4-1. Thinking it was going to rain again today, I slept in, but woke to a brilliant day of sunshine and a flat tyre on my bike. Josh was too seedy to ride, so we decided on a movie instead, and Yasmine came along too. We saw 'The Science of Sleep', a brilliant, twisted tale from Michel Gondry, he of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, get with it and see them both.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brett

are you getting any of my comments?? good to see all is going well mate over there. have you got a number i can call you on??
thanks mate


brettok said...

heya... yeah, if u leave a comment i should get it. but if its under 'anonymous' then i don't know who's saying what. choose 'other' then put yr name in...that goes for all of you! my number here is 0011 274552711... i think...

Christina said...

To ring you in NZ from Oz it is
0011 64 27 455 2711