Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Working in a bike shop is working in a bike shop. Or is it? Some things change, some remain the same. My new place of employ has it's advantages, for sure. The first bike I got to build here was a carbon S-Works Epic, not a $199 shitter. Both store are Specialized dealers, but only one actually has a full array of models on the floor. Both shops pay peanuts, but I'll take less money for better vibes. Both shops have a disgruntled BMX'er mechanic named James who doesn't like dealing with the public. Only one shop has a boss who doesn't mind going for a beer after work, and who shouts the beers and wedges. Both shops have mental case customers and shit kids coming in and annoying you with stupid questions. Both shops have radios playing during the day, only one allows the cool radio station to be played, at least until Matt cracks the shits and wants his rubbish hits station on. But we usually overpower him. And the best thing of all is the cheap bits! That'll always keep me in this field, in some capacity at least...

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