Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bikes make it all better

I'm now officially a Wellingtonian (for how long, who knows?). Moved into my flat on Saturday, and was feeling a little bit strange about it all, I guess being on my own after travelling with K-man and Rad then having to re-enter the real world was a bit of a shock to the system. So on Sunday I took the best medicine known to man, a bike ride. Did two hours at Makara, including the Aratihi climb twice, and Vertigo for the first time, then up Wrights Hill and down Deliverance. I must say I'm climbing pretty well, you have to to survice in these here parts. In the arvo it was down to the city to watch the last stage of the womens Trust House Classic road stage race, a criterium around Lambton Quay. And damn good racing it was too... the girls were fully up it, with good crowds cheering them on, well mainly cheering for local legend Sarah Ulmer. I was cheering for Newcastle's legend Olivia Gollan, and the rest of the Aussies, Carrigan, Rhodes, and that chick with the cool brother... you know, Jarrett's sister... The T-Mobile team had won every stage and continued their dominance with Ina Yoko Teutenberg breaking away 20 minutes out and crushing the field for a solo vicco. Ulmer and two others got away from the bunch two laps out and the Kiwi took the sprint for 2nd.Judith Arndt took the yellow jersey, Ulmer the points, and Jarrett's sister won two stages, and Linda Villumsen just looked hot. I ran into Mike, a customer of the shop and a tall, tattooed gentle giant who I'd seen at Karapoti the week before. He's a cool guy, as are the guys at the shop. Name-dropping time again, I work with Matt Illingworth, an English Olympian, Commonwealth Games medallist and former road pro. He now does Ironman triathlons, and finished 29th in the NZ Ironman the weekend of Karapoti. If I get my road bike sent over, he'll be ripping my legs off no doubt. He doesn't like riding in group rides, calling them a "bunch of roady wankers", so we'll get on fine. Nigel the boss is cool too, no looking over your shoulder, and he actually serves customers, answers phones and does repairs! In touch with the real people, unlike that other place I used to work (and have vowed never to go back to.. remind me of this). Today being my day off, I was planning to ride again, but it's RAINING! That's right, it always rains in NZ... hopefully the summer will last a little longer, before it's lights, jackets and leg warmer time.

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