Friday, June 29, 2007

The troll returns.... a skirt! Yes, it's the snot-dribbling man-who-swallowed-a-sheep, back to get his tyre pumped up for the umpteenth time until he can afford a new tube. He came in two days ago, I was having lunch, and Matt came down and said "can you serve this gentleman please, we've got a shop full of customers." Being the nice guy I am, I came up onto the floor to see the big nutter standing there. I'd been duped. Today I tried the same trick, but Matt was awake to it and I ended up dealing with him, while Big 'stealthy' Nath snapped the grainy image you see here.


k man said...

Too bad if the poor guy has a computer and reads this shit! Wouldn't you feel like a slack c#@t then!!

k man said...

That was Kath - I reckon you should offer him a cup of coffee and then spill it on the way to him , or over him