Monday, June 25, 2007

The Dead Zone

The shop has been deader than the follicles on Josh's head. The weather has been colder than that comment. The wind has been worse than Matt's. Okay, that's an over-exaggeration. Saturday was a glorious winter's day, with sun, a light breeze and nose-chilling air, which kept people away from the shop and out enjoying it. Oh how I longed to join them. Being the only staff member to have sold a bike all day, I used that as bargaining power to take off early and go for a spin. Halfway around Oriental Parade, I was nearly wishing I'd stayed at work. Some dickhead in a metal womb decided to impress his fat girlfriend by attempting to side-swipe a singlespeeder. As I glanced off his front guard with my foot, all I could see was her stupid fat head with the same look of horror which I probably had on my less fat, more pissed off and abusive head. He just sat there silent as I let him have both barrels in front of a packed and attentive boulevard of onlookers. They were probably well impressed by the sublime handling skills of the swearing singlespeeder.
When all is said and done, there's nothing more to say and do, so I continued on, dropping my bag off at home, and headed around the bays on my usual jaunt. At Shelley Bay, the ships rusted quietly while the jets rusted more noisily, and in the air.
This guy was out on the same ride as me, and I kept passing him after every photo stop.
The green building is the Chocolate Fish Cafe, a favourite haunt of Val and Lindsay... which bay is it?
I know this Bay, it's Breaker Bay, and these fools were braving not only the cold, but a shallow reef break (as told to me by the guy I kept passing).
On the way back around I ran into this shady character...yes, it's big Matt... the first time I've ridden with him, it tacked on a few extra k's, racking up a cool 50 by the time I got back home. The wind returned on Sunday, and tonight there is SNOW forecast down to 300 metres in Wellington. Makara Peak is 450, so I won't be going up there.

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