Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spun out

Oh it was a cold day today in Wellytown. But the sun was shining and the Langster was calling for a longer ride. I flipped the flip-flop hub around to give me some coasting abilities on the long downhills I had in mind. First I ducked into town for a lap, and coming along Lambton Quay I was getting frustrated by a slow-moving Commodore. So I whipped it past and ran a red to get away. Bad move. Unmarked cop car! I told him I "weren't from round these here parts," and he let me off with a warning. I stopped at every set of lights after that! Then it was out along my old commute, up the Ngaio Gorge Road, cranking it out of the saddle, probably faster than I ever did it on the geared bike. I was welcoming the decision to use the freewheel though, coasting the downhills out around J'Ville. Back into town and a lap around the bays, and who should come past me, but my old mate the Cycleway Hero! I asked if I could sit on awhile, which turned out to be about 20kms! I did do a few turns though, when I wasn't spinning my ass off at about 120 RPM. I can sit comfortably around 40kmh, then it's just too much to spin any faster. But damn good fun, the legs know they've done 60km on a singlespeed for sure, finished off with the climb up to my flat and a sprint over the top. Nice. My feet are still frostbitten though!

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