Saturday, June 09, 2007

And I thought Wellington was windy!

Yeah right! My home town of Newcastle was hit by a huge storm on Friday, washing up this ship onto Nobbys Beach and causing havoc and tragedy all around the Hunter and Central Coast. Think I'll stay here where it's calm!


k man said...

You have no idea how bad it was -I pooed my nappy -and then rubbed it on Kath and the refugee. Christian had a foot of water go through his house -wrecked inside -hence , refugee.
It was really bad -warzone this morning -cars abandoned in the middle of roads. We just got power back on -no one would take on the K Man in Monopoly -things were getting grim.
We are pathetic as humans - rapers of the planet -flood ,wind and blackout in 24 hours and we all came to a grinding halt -SOFT AS SHIT .I hate myself -oh wait -NBA on the LCD,in front of the A/C. There is no plot to lose -its obviously gone.

brettok said...

Global warming gone mad. That sucks about Christian's place.