Saturday, June 23, 2007

Art for art's sake, sushi for sake's sake

I'm gonna take up painting. Or sculpting. Or any of the 'arts'. Went to an exhibition on Tuesday with my new friend Sue (who I met at Havana, along with her friend Dolores/Mulva, a couple of weeks ago) and was dismayed by the lack of talent on display. Seriously, I've seen better paintings stuck on fridge doors with magnets and the signature 'sally aged 4'. But I got a couple of glasses of free wine, so it all evened out.

Mulva clip

We then went for a bite at Wasabi Sushi in Cuba St. I love sushi. Especially when it's on a conveyor belt going round and round in front of you, tempting you with each pass. I think I ate eel, which was a bit disturbing at first, just because it's eel, but it was pretty damn good.
Riding wise, the week started out real well, Monday to Wednesday were cold but no wind to speak of, and the Langster got three 35km rides back to back, in the dark around the Bays. I even got to play with a 'Bay road commuting road bike hero' as well. I was spinning that thing along at 40kmh on his wheel until he popped around near the airport. Just as well coz I don't think I could've spun any more! Thursday and Friday were very windy and cold, but today is gloriously sunny, a little wind, and is begging for an afternoon ride.

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