Monday, June 04, 2007

Like a kid in a candy store...

In real rider news, Rad Ross had a good weekend at the NMBS round in Angel Fire New Mexico, taking second in the XC and topping the box in the short track. Rad!

Then it was off to the Teva Mountain Games, where he bagged another second and got to kick a doper's ass (well, by three seconds!)in the hillclimb... won by an absolute legend, NED!

He also beat up on some kids in a Big Wheel race,

and got to see and touch a woman's breast for the first time!


k man said...

kids in candy stores rule -just set up a new imac last night -insane shit
RAD is the MAN

brettok said...

U got yrself a Mac? niiice...

Anonymous said...

big storm here today BK

ship runs aground at nobby's


(1 week to go. )

brettok said...

Newcastle.... the windy city!

Calm today in Welly.... only 90kmh winds