Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Comings and goings

The big fella's gone. Now when customers ask "where's Matt?" the answer is "who's Matt?". Yeah na, he'll be missed, not least for his mechanical pearls of wisdom, and his frame-breaking abilities. On Saturday night there was a good turnout for his send-off drinks at the Southern Cross. The last I saw of him he was being refused another drink, but didn't seem to really mind. At least I think that's what was happening, as I was quite near the end of my tether as well. I imagine the plane ride to Perth the next day would've been nasty if he had even half my hangover.

With Le Tour starting next weekend, I was a bit worried that the lack of TV coverage would drive me crazy, so I suggested to Noeleen, my landlady, that since SKY has a $99 installation deal going on, we might go halves. Next day, she'd signed us up, and now I have a set-top box in the shoebox. Every stage live and highlights every day. Yeah.

Josh and I have started a joint-collaboration singlespeed blog, check it out here. If you ride an SS, and want to contribute, drop a line to the email on the blog.

Rad Ross has been out of action for a few weeks, I'll let him explain....

"I tore my posterior cruciate ligament a couple weeks ago at the National in Deer Valley. I'm going stir crazy right now trying to stay off of it. Its so damn frustrating because I haven't been riding that well up until the last few weeks. I seriously felt like friggin super man at the National race. Flatted 3 times in the XC and was at the front with Kabush and JHK at the time. Was feeling fucking fabulous at the front in the short track and crashed on my knee. It was weird, I got up right away and started running to get back on but my lower leg felt all floppy and disconnected. Turns out it was dislocated. Blah blah blah.... So now I'm just sitting on my thumb waiting for this to heal up. Everyone is in Quebec
right now at the world cup races."


Anonymous said...

Yep ,it was a nasty plane ride,but only cos it was bumpy,i was breast fed Stella when i was a lad so my hangover was fine!!!How ya going Brett?

brettok said...

hey! i hear u did a good packing job on yr bike! last i saw u on sat, u were dribbling.... i wasn't much better tho. spent all day sun in bed. it's raining and the shop is still dead, so we don't miss u! keep in touch mate.