Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More proof that BMXers are morons

As if any is really needed. Two young guys and a girl came into the shop yesterday and were looking at BMX bikes. Purple hair, leather jackets, Ramones T-shirts (probably didn't even know who they were). They had a look at a Specialized Fuse 4, the top of the line shizzle, $1199. Took it for a ride, then decided "yeah na, I'll take it..." So he puts down $100 on a lay-by, no problem. Off they go.
A BMXer pictured earlier today... he confused a motorcycle for a bicycle.

So today he comes back in and says he wants to make a payment. "how much?" I ask. He'll pay the rest and take the bike. Cool, I run through the EFTPOS and he looks at the machine and says "a fousand bucks? I fort it was $200! My mate said it was 200..."
Oh I'm sorry, if your mate said it was 200, it must be! (edited after copping flak from all quarters...)
Oh yeah, then his mate asked if he could get a job here!


Flametop59 said...

Maybe not so much a moron as just ignorant. :) In the US the bike is listed as $640 and the bike shops would probably discount $40 if the bike was in stock. I am kind of amazed at the favorable USD exchange rate in NZ. Sort of like going to Canada. Definitely not like going to Europe.

I kind of feel sorry for the little lunk heads. Of course I do not have to deal with them everyday.

brettok said...

maybe I was a bit hard on the moron....

Owen said...

having dealt with more than my fair share of morons in bike shops, I have found you can never be too harsh, and you will always encounter someone more stupid. And they ain't always homeless or smell funny, some of the biggest idiots I had to deal with were either in govt or some other job where their pay packet didn't reflect their intelligence /rant over

brettok said...

when I say 'young", they were probably early 20's... old enough to know better.