Friday, June 30, 2006

Le Tour de Farce

Le Tour starts this weekend, and after getting hyped up for the battle between Ullrich and Basso, it's now not going to eventuate as at least one of them won't be there. Where's the justice? Either ban 'em all, or let them all ride.

You couldn't say Ulle was fat this year!

Shame we won't be seeing this....

*Edit to add: Basso and Mancebo out too. This makes the Festina Affair of 98 look like child's play. But honestly, is it really a shock to anyone who follows Pro Cycling? No. From Coppi to Merckx right through to these guys, there has always been doping, and always will. Of course Armstrong never doped though. I bet that smug prick is having a good ol' chuckle to himself, having gotten away with it (for now). A certain contributor to this blog (see comments) related to me tonight his theory that the one-balled Yank is behind this scandal.... I think it's so far-fetched that it could just be plausible! Whatever the real story is, I guess we'll never know, but one thing's for sure; I still love riding my bike, and I'll always watch and support the guys who put food on the table by riding theirs.... doped to the eyeballs or otherwise.

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Weilrenner said...

It appears both won't be there. Just had a peep at "cycling news" and the world has ended for this decade. Basso's out too. What the f#%k is this injustice. As you say Bretty, ban them all or let them race. Who in the world can do thousands of ks at warp speed in 3 weeks unless they have there wheat grass and multi vitamons???? Is there a conspiracy happening?? It seems the Germans and spanish are in trouble and yet the French, Americans and Belgians are all Clean??? Oh well, Lets all watch the purists roll round??????