Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stick a Fork in me, I'm done.

It may not be a new bike, or frame, but it's new! And it's sweeeet. Ordered a new fork today, the Fox Float XTT. Dirt Works are clearing out their 2006 stock at awesome prices, so I got this baby at almost half price. And the beauty of it is, it is a 130mm travel fork, but can be converted to 100mm also... so when I do decide which new frame I'm gonna get, it will handle either choice. Stumpy? 130. Epic? 100 for you. It's coming converted to 100mm, so it will slip on the front of the ol' girl perfectly, and my existing Float 100 will be gracing the front of the Singlespeed. Anyone want to buy a Rock Shox Recon? I'll stick it on Ebay, it's only got about 200km on it, after I tested it for the mag, and picked it up at a nice price. Pretty good fork too, not in the Fox class, but what is? I think the Trail Tune valving will be cool on the Epic, should work well with the Brain on the back... (check that link out, it's pretty cool.) Should be here for the weekend, so I can tune those trails. Apparently there's a bit of a track setting day out at Killi on Sunday for the weekend after's Working Week Series 8 Hour race... Timmy's coming up for a look, he's doing the race solo I think. I still want to have a crack at a solo '8', but looks unlikely this series, as the next round clashes with the Coffs 100k'er. So many races, so little fitness, I mean time....

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