Friday, June 30, 2006

Foz's (well, Linc's) Fotos

Here's a few pics from the 8 hour from the lens of the pornstar himself, Foz. (Edit: Linc told me today they are actually from his camera!)

Haven't I seen you on the Internet?

2 guys racing to avoid a blow-up crocodile in a kid's pool.... Christian rekindles his old roady-scum tactics, i.e slamming the door shut on some poor solo rider in the first 5 minutes. I wouldn't stand for that, Stu.

A wabble of wowdy webels. Fashion gurus, not.

The start line crush. Look in the middle, there's Deano (in blue/yellow, arms crossed) getting in prime possie, right next to Matt Fleming (the renowned fastest first lapper in Aus.). That's how Deano is thinking these days, he knows he can mix it up with these guys now. Hey Scotty, I'm gonna steal him for next year!!!

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