Monday, June 19, 2006

Better late than never or The dog ate my homework

Yeah it's a week since the 8 Hour but due to a 'technical malfunction' my attempt to get something up last week was foiled. Alas, here are some pics from what turned out to be a great day. The rain we'd had all week and right up til Saturday night stayed away all day, and the track became faster and smoother as the day went on. Christian joined me and Tomky when Ebo pulled out the night before, not wanting to get mud in his hair. So the Scared Shiftless Singlespeed Society wreaked havoc in the 3 man category, finishing second. Scotty and Deano laid waste to the Masters again, putting a lap into the Magnets' old foes, the Old Bastards. And Cozza celebrated his birthday (God knows how old that man is) with a 3rd in 4 man with Foz and the Amidy boys. Kedos sucked, well his chain did anyway, but he kept us all entertained and/or horrified with his sideline barracking/heckling. If a picture paints a thousand words, then here's 236.

Tomkinson practices balancing for the upcoming Hop Worlds. Oh look, who's that lurking? Some non-riding type guy.

Christian and Stuey battle it out to see who can avoid the crocodile jump first. Stuey did 10 laps solo, the same as our team.

Christian realises Tomky has taken his beer by mistake. He caught him after 12 metres. No-one takes Christian's beer and lives.

The K-man never stopped smiling all day. Here he smiles as a putz passes, and eventually drops him.

Scotty and Deano execute a flying-imaginary-baton-hand-off, saving vital seconds, despite being 15 minutes ahead of second place at the time. Na, they're not serious.

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