Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From the Pits

A few more pics from the 8 hour.

This is all Nathan had at 9 on Saturday night. Not only did we create something from this, it didn't even fall apart.

Yeah, you won't be so smug when your gears don't work and your chain's jammed will ya?

He looks so meek and mild doesn't he? Then he gets on a bike. Deano's in some form at the moment, and came through at the end of the first lap in 4th, mixing it up with the big guns again.

The beast... it stayed fairly clean as I didn't get on the track for the first 2 hours. I did the last lap, so lights were required but not completely necessary for me, but some guys finished in total darkness. It was a blast to race the 'singly', I'll be doing it more often.

Christian's beast... a lot muddier as he did the first 2 laps. His first one (a 46min) set us up for our 2nd place. His freewheel went south on his 3rd lap, followed by his legs on his 4th.


Weilrenner said...

Bretty, Bretty, Bretty. Your ability to describe your fellow mouno riders personality traits is not only funny and refreshing but also quite accurate. As is your description of the race/ride. To all the ladies and gents who read his blog how about we all post a few comments to show our respect to the man who spends hours updating this diary of his and our cycling adventures. It will give us all the chance to explain what actually occurs on these rides Ha Ha. Keep up the good work Bretty.

brettok said...

thanks bro, yeah it would be cool to read some comments from u guys, but i do this coz i like it, and it's good just to muck around with it. but bring on the comments, just kee[ em fairly clean as my mum reads this!