Friday, June 30, 2006

Hopping has it's Ups n Downs...

A mixed couple of weeks for our favourite trials riding guru, Tomkinson. As his preparation for the MTB World's Trials title steps up, a great win at the 1st round of the National Series in QLD had him on Cloud 9 (as far as anyone can tell... he's so laid back that he needs a mattress behind him at all times). Then last weekend, returning home from riding in Sydney with his mates, his bike was stolen from the train... f'in scumbags. So if you see anyone riding (hopping) around on this bike, seize them and bring them forth for flogging.

But the lad is lucky he has friends like Christian, who offered his wealth of knowledge in the following tips on bike set-up...

"Tomky mate. After looking at the photos I've realised a few things that I'll share with you to further your riding. First of all we have to flip that stem over and reduce the rise height in your riser bars. Secondly whoever set your seat height needs a bullet. Not only will you get terrible efficiency but you'll eventually ruin your knees and lower back. Coming from a road background, I can respect the rigid fork, But it appears the person who set your seat height may have also chosen your gearing. Your front chainrings are WAY too small to gain any speed whatsoever. Anyway mate I'll get the word around and maybe we'll find the guy that did your set-up at the same time."

Wise words, indeed!

But seriously, this is a rare bike, and stands out like dog's balls, here's Adam's description...

"The serial number I dont know fully but it had 'ECHO' in it somewhere, it shouldnt be too hard to spot, the rear hub was a Hope Pro 2 ss/t. It was the only one in Australia that I know of. The Middleburn Pro Trials cranks are pretty rare too. The police know it has been stolen.
Thanks for your help.

I'll say it again, F'IN SCUMBAGS.

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Weilrenner said...

Sorry Tompky, but i havn't found the guy who stole your bike nor the bike. Nor have i found the man who did your set-up(he's dead). But i do how-ever have the man to help you. He's looking for a job since he has had a little trouble with a few Eoropean, narrow minded highrachy(i spelt that wrong, Didn't i?). The name is Dr Eufemian Fuentes. He's a nice guy thats had a few work related issues latley and would be happy to get a bit of work down-under if he can escape from gaol.