Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is this desire?

I've loved her for a long time. When she sings, every hair on my body stands on end. My heart races. I get goosebumps. Oh Polly Jean, when will I see you again?
The first time I saw her live, was on on the same tour as the one above (2001), with my old workmate John, another infatuated man of impeccable musical taste. PJ strode out in the same red dress, performed the same song (Rid of me) and had the whole of the Enmore Theatre crowd in stunned, silent awe. When she finished the "lick my legs, I'm on fire" refrain, John and I looked at each other and agreed we could walk out at that moment and be totally satisfied.
Is this desire
Enough enough
To lift us higher
To lift above?
Is this desire


kman said...

....every hair on my body stands on end .That's ten erect hairs isn't it -on your arse

brettok said...

awesome, too funny!