Monday, August 27, 2007

Beer of the week

Back in Aus, I would quite often buy a slab of Bavaria, a mostly harmless Dutch lager that would usually give you change from $25. Cheap and plentiful. This week I spotted the big brother of said brew, Bavaria 8.6. The glass was an 'unofficial prize' from Murphy's pub quiz last week.
It was also cheap, about ten bills for a sixer. But the clincher was the alcohol percentage. Now, with the beer being called 8.6, you might think that would be the %. Oh no, those cunning Dutchies have thrown us a curve-ball, because it's actually 7.9%. One of these after a ride and lookout, here come the good times. It kinda sneaks up on you from halfway through, and by the time the bottle is finished, I find myself staring into space or the TV wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Apart from the kick, it's a pretty innocuous drop, quite bitter with the trademark Bavaria cheapness to the taste. But I could be wrong, as I was very, very, something or other...oh yeah, drunk.

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