Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Far Side

I felt like a rat in a cage, running on one of those wheels, same old, same old. The Bay ride wasn't floating my boat, and I'd always wondered what lay on the other side. Time to head north to Eastbourne... well, north/east and then a bit south to Eastbourne.

The harbour was still and the sun was doing its best to warm things up.

Beehive yourself. That's Parliament, nicknamed the beehive for obvious reasons. That's a taxi, that tried to run me over. Take a right, through the bus depot and onto Thorndon Quay.

At the end of the road. I rode out to the point, crunching the gravel under the 23s, hoping the sharp little rocks wouldn't do their dastardly act.

The view across to the South Island was spectacular as usual, but a different viewpoint made it seem like the first time I'd witnessed it.

As I re-fueled with a banana and muesli bar, I felt like I was being watched.... a beast lurked in the undergrowth, with evil, hungry eyes.

The obligatory 'Langster in front of scenery' shot.

This little shed is right at the end of the sealed road, before the gate to the point track. I thought it must have been used for advertising the bike shop, but on the way back I noticed the same coloured signage on a boat shed. I deduced that this must be a bike hire outlet for the ride around the point... or not.

The first part of the return trip was bitterly cold. The sun had disappeared and my toes were numb. But in the space of five km's, the temperature picked up and the day became magnificent once again for the ride back into the city.

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