Friday, August 31, 2007


Friday was a monumental day. My grandmother's 99th birthday! That is monumental. To mark the occasion, I planned to ride my fixie for 99kms. But the best laid plans get blown away by gusting northerlies, so 55km would have to suffice. To make up for the shortfall, I decided to stop by a few of the strange monuments which I regularly pass on my rides around the bays.

This propeller is from the stricken ferry the Wahine, which ran aground and sank in 1969 while entering the harbour.

This pile of rocks just around the corner from Moa Point is called 'Doo Doos'... I have no idea what it's all about, but that plane is about to crash into it!

This thing is called the Zephyrometer, and in the right conditions it can tip over to 45 degrees apparently...I've only ever seen it sticking straight up.

This might explain it better...

This is a pile of boxes on sticks... they spin around in the wind. Another part of the wind sculptures project, along the highway on the way to the airport.

In the afternoon we all headed out to Tawa to celebrate grandma's 99th... comment of the day, when told she was 99, "ooh, I don't feel it!" Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bretts grandma,its a shame her grandson is so soft he could only muster 55km on his bike cos "its TOO WINDY" ,Matt

brettok said...

I know, if she knew who I was she'd be well ashamed.