Monday, August 27, 2007

Dry run at last

Makara finally had the chance to dry out this week, with no rain and some sunny days. I took the opportunity to break out the Stumpy and make the most of a nice Wellington Monday and hit the trails. After picking up my bike from work, I realised I'd forgotten my helmet, so back home it was for a brief detour, giving me the chance to check out the office girls having lunch in the sun.
When I got to the carpark, I then realised I'd also neglected to pack a jersey, but at least I had my shoes. The ol' memory ain't what she something or other. The trails were in good condition, a few damp spots at worst, but a few deep ruts in places from the heavy winter traffic that's been going through. I decided to lengthen the usual loop by bombing down Leaping lizard, and up the newish climb out.

Now, Grant must be the king of understatement or the eternal optimist, because 'difficult' is only the half of it. Mainly a granny gear grunt with some unrideable switchbacks, but a lot better bedded in since me and K-man rode it in January.

Just as I was thinking what a bitch of a climb it was, it spat me out onto Nikau, which was fun as usual, with it's techy exposed rocks and tight corners and drops. Then it was up Missing Link for a second time, and on to Aratihi, which is showing more wear than most of the tracks in places.

At the Peak I decided to check out our handiwork from last week on Zac's Track, and I was reminded just what an awesome, flowing, fun trail it is. Halfway down I hesitated at the drop-off, deciding to hell with it anyway, and came to grief after making the drop but sliding off the back of the saddle and into some undergrowth. That made me take it easy down Vertigo, which is always challenging. Back into St Albans gate, then another change of route, along Magic Carpet, through the Skills Area (off the big wooden drop and over the tabletop) then down Livewires to finish off a more technical loop than I'd usually ride. With more rain forecast for the next few days, I'm glad I got the chance to enjoy some decent trail conditions. Oh yeah, the Stumpy is the singletrack weapon from hell, that thing is on rails. Made up my mind that I don't need an Enduro, but maybe a 29er could be fun. Mountain biking was the winner on this day, Ron.

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