Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Literally. The legs are tired after more riding in the last week than we've done in the last month back 'ome. Today we did a slow crawl/push up to the top of Kiriwhakapapa trail,
the one that has some slippy roots and leaf mulch in sections, and some nice smooth straights as well on the way down. Pretty much unrideable going up, but not tooo bad coming down, if you're on the ball. A mistake could be deadly. You don't wanna lose your head. Where is my mind? Keeds was taking it easy on the way down so he didn't risk crashing and re-injuring his knee, so I sent him ahead with the camera so he could get some snaps of me in full sick root mode.
We did the little loop at the bottom, which is quite nice, small rolling climbs, but our legs were giving up at the slightest hint of a grade. Having said that, we are getting stronger and fitter, so Freemo et al you'd better watch out when you get here, we might be able to keep up for a bit.

**How about some comments? What's goin on back there? Don't be shy now...


henry kissinger said...

It's not shyness that's holding back our comments Brett. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say that It's heart break holding back our typing fingers! Insurmountable grief restricting our internet corespondence abilities!! It's the bitter taste of despair welling in our throats, burning through our very souls that stems the flow of lighthearted blog banter!!! You left US Brett you've only got yourself to blame now as you reap the bitter fruits of abandonment!

Anonymous said...

You didn't do that crappy root ride did you? Very unpleasant walk that 1.
Anyway it'll set keeds up for Taupo which will inturn set him up for smelly heaven (Rotorua).
You should ring those chicks up when you get there. ay,ay!

brettok said...

one step ahead of u bro! got her number locked and loaded, she owes me!

FREEMO said...

Cant wait man, dont hurt me too much up those climbs though. ive just had a week off in melbourne and im not sure if the old ticker is ready for you lightweight freaks!!

Cant wait to meet eva!!