Monday, January 29, 2007


The sound of heavy rain on the tin roof during the night didn't bode well for today's riding plans, but a clear sunny day was what we got, so we jumped in the Laser and did the sightseeing thing, first stop Waohine Gorge. I wanted to make it across this bridge, which I only got about 20 metres across last time. This time, watched by a group of abseilers and a nice retired couple and their dog, I had to do it. Keeds had first crack, but was soon back on terrafirma. I gritted my teeth and headed across the wildly swing wire structure. Yeah, it was a bit freaky out in the middle, but I got to the other side no problem.

This is the view from the other side. Cool little waterfalls all along the banks.
Then it was a drive up to Mt. Dick lookout. At the top Keeds yelled out "EEEEVVVVAAAAAHHH" but I guess she didn't hear. There were a couple of guys on MTB's halfway up, and we spotted a trail off to the side of the main road. No idea where it went or what it's like, might check it out some other time. After lunch and a nap in the sun, I got the itch to get on the bike, so I woke up kedan and we drove out to Cross Creek to the end of the Rimutaka Incline, the old railway line over the Hill. 45 minutes of steady climbing, in a gale force wind in places almost blowing us back down the hill. Once at the top, we quickly turned around and bombed it back down , through the long tunnel slowly, through the shorter ones flat strap.
This is what it looks like lit up by camera flash... it's nothing like that when you're riding through though. The method I use is look straight ahead at the light at the end, elbows out and keep the pedals turning. Kedan's method was get off the bike, freak out, and try to follow my silhouette.
This is what it really looks like. Concentrate on the dot now. Head up. Elbows ouCH! Scrape. Repeat. Go home. Beer.

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