Saturday, January 27, 2007

Trust House Classic? Sure can...

'Twas a drizzly morning which greeted us today, so a decision was made to get some other stuff done while we had a chance. First stop, Masterton for some computer advice. Kedan hasn't been able to log in to his email account, and I couldn't load mp3's onto my memory stick.
The nice couple at the store soon had us sorted. I was trying to load mp4s, and Kedan had simply forgotten some of his password. Yeah, computer geniuses. $25 later we were happy.

We then headed out to Admiral Hill to catch the last climb of Stage 5 of the Trust House Wellington-Wairarapa Classic, or Tour of Wellington, depending what you read. This race has been going on since we got here, all around the area, but this was our first taste of it.

Aussie David Pell was away solo and I presume he won the stage, such was his lead. It was wet and nasty on the climb, with a few steep pinches, and the peleton was split into 4 or 5 groups, with a large number of riders pulled from the race at the bottom of the climb. Kiwi Hayden Roulston seems to have the GC wrapped up, and Aussie Brett Aitken was leading the Sprint classification. The race finishes in Wellington tomorrow. We might catch the crit after our ride, if we get one in. After lunch we hopped on our bikes and rode around to the local park and showed our formidable frisbee skills. Behind the back, under the leg, between the legs jumper, all the hot catchin moves. I didn't breathe that hard or sweat that much climbing at Makara yesterday, and I've got a sore knee, hip, and a huge graze on my thigh. Shoulda stuck to the bike. There was also a fitness circuit around the edge of the park, and we were trying to ride along the railings and logs. Tomky we ain't, although I did manage to get my front wheel up onto a railing, and balanced there for about 10 seconds. For that 10 seconds, I WAS Tomky! Over yonder was a little skate park, so we tooled around in there until I blew my rear tyre doing a sick thing on a ramp. Boy it was sick. Good fun, a bit of cross training and kept us on the streets. But I belong on the trails, and that's were we're gonna be....

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