Monday, January 08, 2007


Newcastle's latest short, floppy-haired road racing sensation is the man (boy) they (we) call 'Ebo', Ebo!

First up a couple of weeks back he popped up in the break in the Cronulla Criterium, taking 4th behind the likes of Graeme Brown and Matt White, no slouches. It was good to catch up with him on New Year's Eve and have a few beers, showing his commitment (or is it insanity) by trudging off to train at 8 on NY morning after 2 hours sleep. Then two days later he pops up in the break in the first race of the Bay Series in Melbourne. Takes 2nd in a sprint. Gets his name spelled wrong, in several different ways. Ebling. Embling. Eblining. FFS, it's E B E L I N G. Next day he was at it again, getting in the break, winning a sprint against Gerrans, then trying to bridge across to the 3 man break alone, a good way to get exposure if ever there was one. Not content with all that, he also got his mug on SBS's Cycling Central programme, even managing to string a few cliches together for the cameras. Of course Tomalaris and those morons proved once again their ineptitude by using the 'Eblining' spelling. Nice one! Here's hoping he can take the momentum and exposure he's gained and have a good crack at it. I reckon he can.

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youngie said...

hey brett and kedan , its been great to look over your travels and read what u been getting up to . I only wish i was over there with you both having fun too .

ill check back and see how u r getting on every few days.

keep enjoying every day fellas ,
cya , youngie .