Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well a new year is upon us once again, and it's shaping up to be a good one. New bike, New Zealand.... the Stumpy is amazing, I've been having too much fun to actually tell all 4 of you readers about it. It's surprisingly light, pedals as well as the Epic, and soaks up the rough stuff like a sponge soaks up something. I was gonna say cat piss, but I didn't think that was appropriate. Anyway, it's good. Dare I say it.... the perfect bike? There, said it.

So it's off to NZ again in January, this time for God-knows-how-long. The K-man is flying the mission in the Starship Laser this time, and there's a little posse of Newcastle lads heading over, by coincidence, in Feb. Freemo, Quaino, Bistro and Bower-o will be hitting the North Island, so we plan to be in the South at that time, by coincidence.

Well Happy New Year to all 4 of you, cue tumbleweed and wind....


freemo said...

Nice stumpy bretto,
Thanks for going to the south while we are in the north.
It will save me coming up with awkward excuses to miss meeting up with you.
"yeah, man, sorry we missed you but bistro really wanted to go home and read his book"
dopers suck!

Mr Winterbottom said...

I'm glad you avoided using the cat piss analogy in relation to the bike's ability to soak up stuff in a sponge like manner. I would have found that offensive. especially in light of Mr Bingstrom's (Mr Bingstronm is my cat) recent indescretion on our sofa. Brett, please don't go to New Zealand. I'll miss you!!! Stay here with me!
I'll make you a lovely cup of tea!! And I've got biscuits!! (:

brettok said...

oh shit, Freemo reads the blog! haha, just kidding mate. Yeah, we'' be down South at first for that 6hour, so maybe when we make our way back up and you lot down to Welly, we could catch up. You know, beers and all that.