Friday, December 15, 2006


Yep, the ol' blog ain't what she used to be. A combination of too much work, too little riding, and not much else happening led to a downturn in production of, well, 100%. But things are picking up, so here's a bit of a rundown of minor events past, present, and Monday.

New bikes, new bikes everywhere!

Tis the season to be buying cool shit! Col picked up a new Epic Carbon frameset and immediately set about to Colinize it by adorning it with pre-dirtened (I think I just made up a word...) parts. But in an incident that shocked the veterans cycling fraternity and heartened the mechanics at work, Col's beloved and mystery-shrouded piece of string was somehow misplaced in the excitement of the union of frame and filth.

Not to be outdone, Christian popped for a new road bike, and has a new mounno on the way. His roady, an Opera, came in a frame size which was a touch too big, and looked like a kid's bike with the seat pole slammed down (apparently, this is what he said...unfortunately I didn't get to laugh at it or him). But now he's got the right size, so opportunity missed.

What happened to my Epic? It's all in bits! There's bits of bikes everywhere at the moment, on the garage floor, in boxes, and on eBay. Why? Coz it's out with the old girl, and in with.....

The New!! Yesiree, that's mah noo girl. Perfect NZ bike. Did someone say NZ? Another tilt coming up soon, a bit longer hopefully, but I might have a new little word-related venture in the pipeline. And that's all I know.... news when it comes to hand.

You want a spoon with that? Never a contender for beer of the week, this one. Steve brews a pretty good 'homie' usually, but this wasn't one of them. It tasted like it looks...fizzy. And that's what you get for helping a mate out woith a singlespeed conversion!

Ok, that's it for now, I'll add some links and stuff when I get some time, which could be this weekend with it pissing down and no bike!

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