Thursday, January 25, 2007

Made It...

After three days of trying, we are finally in the land of the long white cloud. We set out at 8am, and it was rain rather than fire which we had to deal with this time. After a couple of scares where the traffic was almost stopped and flashing lights relected off the wet tarmac, it was fairly smooth sailing to Sydney.We dropped off the hire car and lugged our bags and bike boxes up to the top floor, where we were told we actually had to be in the Domestic terminal, to get to Brisbane for our connection to Wellington. Now, we were on the top deck, but taxis aren't allowed to pick up fares from there. So a little sweet-talking to the TaxiCop, and we were on our way to the Domestic. It was about this time that I spotted a very attractive young lass, who seemed to be wherever we were... I noticed from her ticket holder that she was Dutch, and she was heading to NZ too. At BrisVegas (WTF is that?) she popped up again, and we all got talking while waiting for the flight. Her name is Eva, but she's a lot better looking than Rob! The flight left a touch early, and I slept most of the three hour trip. We touched down in the Windy City about midnight, and had to go through the unpack bike/check for dirt/re-pack bike routine at Customs. After passing with flying colours, we set about getting to our motel. I was lamenting the fact that I'd missed seeing her before we left, but when we spilled out into the cool night air, there she was, waiting. Me and Kedan screamed out simultaneously "EEEEVVVAAAAAAAAAA!!" Amazingly, she heard us. We grabbed a shuttle bus together, and when we got to our motel (the Comfort, same one me and Christian stayed at last time) I gave her every contact detail for me, Kedan, mum n' dad, email, fax, carrier pigeon and anything else I could think of! I don't expect to be hearing from her..... hehe.
Next morning, we waited for mum n dad to arrive with the car, and then I took Kedoss on a quick tour around Wellington. We stopped in at Dry Creek trail, and met a couple from Christchurch who were both riding Stumpies. We arranged to meet them tomorrow and take them up to Makara Peak, which will also be Kedan's first taste of NZ manna. Should be good, if it doesn't rain, which is predicted. Hoefully it won't and we'll kick start this baby properly.

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