Saturday, February 03, 2007

Craters, dams, falls...

We have been here in Taupo since Thursday, and have been living it up, Resort stylee... Half price vouchers ROCK!!

Kedan is a photographer! Check out this sequence baby! Awesome model though, makes his job easy... Kawakawa trail.

First day here we rode Craters of the moon, but K's bike has been playing up all trip and he finally cracked and almost threw it into the scrub. Next day he took it to the local shop for some new cables and outers, which were very ordinary. But the problem was still evident, ghosting in a couple of cogs, so I swapped wheels with him and discovered it was the cassette to blame, so a newy and a chain fixed it up. Paying retail sucks! Friday morning while the bike was getting pampered, we played 9 holes of golf at the resort course, not too shabby for hackers. Then we checked out the Huka Falls jet boat, and splurged on a wild ride up the river. Freekin awesome, heading straight at trees in the water and flicking it around them at 80kmh, madness. We met a Japanese girl, Nana, who was squealing with delight (from the boat ride, from the boat ride). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but it would've got soaked anyway. The arvo we rode down to the falls, where we'd been up to in the boat, and it's an amazing sight, pumping enough water down to fill an Olympic sized pool every 5 seconds. There is a great singletrack ride along the river down to the Aratahaia (?) Dam, whic opens up every 2 hours, and we got there just in time to witness this spectacle. The rush of water into the valley was cool, filling up in minutes. before....After...(well, during)

Then it was up to Craters again, and we did the climb and the sweet descents of Buzzard, Son of Buzzard and the way cool Coaster. We were pretty shagged by the time we got back, so it was into the pool and then a Hell pizza (that's what the shop is called) and crashed out hard after watching the movie 'Garden State', very cool flick (mmm Natalie Portman). Today we headed out to Kinloch, a lakeside hamlet of the rich and richer, where we were told there was a cool ride up the Kawakawa Bay track. And we weren't disappointed. It climbed, twisted and rolled through ferny bush, with some techy rocky sections. At the top the view was breathtaking, but the ride back down was even better. We had trouble removing the grins from our faces, and Kedan needed to take a rest stop to recover. Now I sit here in the internet cafe, typing as fast as possible so I can go and have a beer. We called out "NAAAAANAAAAAAHHHHH" in the main street, but I don't think she can understand our accent. One more day here, then it's onto Rotorua on Monday. Stay tuned.

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