Friday, February 16, 2007


It sucks how one incident can sour an otherwise trouble-free experience. Thursday morning was going along nicely... I got to watch my beloved Bolton Wanderers LIVE on TV, in an FA Cup tie against our (now) arch-rivals Arsenal. We were behind 1-0 until the last minute of time, when we equalised, sending me (and Kman) into raptures, forcing extra time. The Arse were doing everything to lose the game,missing two penalties and numerous open goals... but it wasn't to be, and after 1 and-a-half hours of tension, we finally succumbed. Trotters did me proud as always though. What was needed was some hill therapy, and after several attempts by Kman to convince me to ride the flat stuff, we found ourselves in the Port Hills, parking the car at the top of Victoria Park. We were straight away pushing the bikes skyward, and Keeds was grumbling under his breath, until we hit the top and emerged on a road, of all things. Now, it's well known that besides hills, Kman hates any tarred surface, and anyone who dares ride a bike with 23mm tyres on said surface. So I was shocked when he started emitting whoops of delight as he spotted the view from near the top, revealing a long singletrack downhill/traverse alonside the road, and a magical view of Grosvenor Bay over the back. It was pretty spectacular I must admit. Christchurch was starting to grow on me a little. We hit the top of the singletrack and started back down through light, misty rain. A pretty fun track, which I'll be riding in reverse tomorrow as part of the Crater Rim race. It's going to be the most painful 50km of my life, judging by what I saw and the course map. Plus it's a point-to-point race, requiring a 20km ride back along the road to the start to get the car. Anyway, at the end of the trail we found the top section of the National Downhill course, which featured a grated ramp rollover/drop, and some nasty steep rocky sections, which we utilised to take some cool photos (I managed not to wipe these ones off). After ripping back down to the carpark, I was taking off my helmet when I heard Keeds say "the window's smashed..." At first inspection everything looked to be where it was before, our shoes and some clothes were still there, and Kman's cash and cards were under the seat still. My new sunnys were on the back floor, but then I realised my wallet, phone, and reading glasses were all gone, along with K's Rudy sunnies and hat. I let out a few "oh dear me's" and headed to the Rangers' hut, within eye-shot of where we were parked. There were two guys in the hut playing table tennis, and I was ready to insert their bats where the sun don't shine. They hadn't seen anything of course, and while I was restraining myself from snotting the incompetent prick, a lady drove up and said her car had been tampered with too, but she hadn't lost anything. As you can imagine, my afternoon wasn't the most enjoyable, ringing aroung cancelling cards, phones, and organising a new rear window panel. When I rang the cops, they asked me, get this, if I knew who had broked into the car! I wish I fuckin did, they'd be sticking their toothbrush up their ass to clean theit teeth. After I'd simmered down a bit, a couple of young girls drove into the motel, with a smashed driver's window, and had suffered the same fate. We taped plastic over the hole where glass used to be, and they are staying a few nights while they try and find a flat, being in the process of moving here for Uni. Not a good intro to the city for them. Today I got a new phone, allowing me to keep my number and credit, which is some consolation. Stupid thieving bastards, they can't use the phone, or the credit cards, or my Aussie licence, or my glasses. All they've done is cause me a hassle. Something I hope I don't experience again in a hurry. Kman flew out this morning at 7am, meaning a 4.30 start to get him to the airport, which was pretty straightforward. Without glasses, I'm forced to don my Rudy Project riding frames with the prescription insert, not a good look but effective in preventing me running into other vehicles. Rad Ross and Aaron arrive about now for the Rim, and I'm gonna see if the lovely lady at my digs will allow both to stay a couple of nights. I'm stuck here till Monday at least, waithing for replacement specs from home (thanks Mum) and replacement cashcard from the bank (thanks nice lady at bank). A few bad apples (should be strung up).

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