Monday, September 25, 2006

Cricket season

When I woke up this morning to check on the results frome the mens road race at the Worlds in Salzburg, I made a mental list of who I thought might have taken the rainbow stripes. Boonen, McEwen, Valverde, Vino and 'an outsider' were running through my head.

When the page finally loaded, it was no surprise to see the name Bettini. How could I forget 'Il Grillo' (the cricket')? What a rider! The guy is 5'2" of pure power. Whether it's a bunch gallop, small breakaway or soloing in, the little Italian can do it all, with panache (or sometimes not, just ask Baden Cooke!).

Anyone with gold shoes, helmet and bar tape is alright with me.

Valverde showed he is a class act with 3rd, and my god what a legend in 2nd, the Big EZ! How good would it have been to see him take the win. He's certainly found some life in those old legs lately... now, if only I knew his secret....

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