Monday, September 11, 2006

Namin' names

Therer's been a bit of activity over at the Glenrock Trail Alliance forums of late, with the call going out to identify and name some of the trails in the vast network. Some were already in the collective lexicon of most riders, but some new ones have since become accepted and placed on the GPS map that is in circulation. I'm pretty chuffed that a few of my suggestions have been taken on board and will be used for years to come. Those names are:

Twisties n Dip (trail twists and has a dip!)
Jumpin the Gun (trail runs parallel to Gun Club Road and has jumps!)
Shaft (trail has old mineshafts around it, apparently...I've never seen em, but will check it out)
Black Boys (trail has a proliferation of plants of that racism intended)
Cliffhanger (trail runs along a cliff)
Bus Stop (trail starts at a bus stop on Burwood Rd)
Sub Pots (Bus Stop ridden in reverse direction)
Little Borneo (trail runs through thick undergrowth)
Log On/Log Off (trail is frequently covered with logs by angry bushwalker, subsequently removed by angry MTB'ers)
Haggis Hairpin (a trail with a corner built by a Scotsman)
Top Dog/Underdog (2 trails that go high and low from a point where someone has sprayed 'Dogs Out' on a watertank)
Upper Kenny/Lower Kenny (2 sections on the trail known as Kenny Wells Trail)

There's still a heap more trails to be named, and a lot of others have been by other riders.

While I'm dropping names, I got a call last week from Rob Arnold, publisher of Ride Cycling Review, saying he's going to run a story I sent to him about this year's Tour de France. He loved 'The Seven Year Itch', a tale of how Lance Armstrong ruined my love affair with the great race, and how the excitement was re-kindled. It's in the next issue due out in a few weeks.

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Dr Fuentes said...

It's absolutely wonderful to hear about your upcoming article in RIDE. Thank you for telling us about it. By the way, here's a trail name for you; "OOHHH look at me!!! Specialized Boy rode down this track!!! You are priviledged to be riding in his footsteps!!! Praise him!!! Nay, worship him!!! YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!"