Sunday, September 03, 2006

Helter Skelter Vuelta

The third Grand Tour of the year, La Vuelta d'Espana (Tour of Spain) is underway, with most of the big players on the Pro Tour havin' a crack. In the first week alone the winners list has seen the likes of Bettini, Zabel, Di Luca, Hushovd, Valverde and Vinokourov. Not a bad little line-up right there. I was chuffed to see the Big EZ back with a sprint win, his first in a GT since 03, the guy is all class and isn't scared to go out in public with a mullet on a box head. Vino... what can you say about him? Pure guts. He gets overhauled by Valverde with 100m to go in a mountain stage, then comes out the next day and beats the sprinters! The type of bike rider that doesn't care what race it is, he'll have a go. Would've been great to see him and an uninjured Valverde mixing it up at Le Tour.

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George Prosalentis said...

It's good to see you have such a passion and depth of knowledge about cycling Brett. I wonder if any of the pro cyclists you show such interest in would have raced the vets invitational this morning? If the weather was cold would they have stayed in bed? These men you idolise are far from soft but you continue to display a bewildering level of softness!! Are you destined to become a professional bike commentator? Most of them would actualy ride bikes most days anyway!! Are you ok Brett? Do you need another blanky?? A nice warm cup of cocoa?? OH NO!!! I saw a cloud outside!!! OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!