Friday, September 01, 2006

Bee-er of the wheat

A little beauty from the Matilda Bay Brewing Company, Beez Neez is a wheat beer with a dash of, you guessed it honey, honey. Wheat beers aren't usually my cup of tea (beer?), but this is very tasty. Like their RedBack, but a little sweeter, but not overly so. Not heavy. Very quaffable. Described by Klink as the best beer he's ever tasted, but he said that about James Squire Pilsener and Little Creatures Pale Ale as well... so he's on the money! Definitely one of my favoutites, but I could be wrong, as I was very, very drunk.

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Anonymous said...

...must be a different beer to the ones i saw rolling out of CASCADE brewery a year or so ago............... even though its got the same name.....thought you were a BOAGS man.

..... a horny moose....