Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Consistency... it's not just for custard

It's hard to get good fitness, but damn easy to lose it. An old wive's tale? No. My 'training' (read: riding) for next month's Highland Fling has been going ok, but I just can't seem to get the C Word right just yet. One week I'll get in a good dose of road k's, then the next I'll struggle to squeeze in an hour on the MTB. Just when I start to show signs of my form, something gets in the way... last weekend it was Phillipa and Steve's annual table tennis tournament, coupled with a BBQ and the NRL Grand Final. A top day was had by all, but the next day was written off due to sleep and alcohol-induced aches and pains. So now it's back to the drawing board again tomorrow, getting spanked up hills by Col before work. Then I'm gonna try this consistency thing for the next 4 weeks, and hopefully have a good race to make up for my disappointing DirtWorks 100. Bring it on.

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Dr Fuentes said...

You appear to me to be very consistent mr Kennedy. You are a very consistent whinger!! Maybe if you stopped complaining, got on your bike and simply rode it you would have no problems!! OOOHH!! It's too cold outside!!! OOH!!! I just saw a cloud!!! OOOOHHH my botty hurts!!! OOOOOHHHHH!!!!! Honestly, I expected more from a highly regarded professional cycling journalist such as yourself!! SHAME!!!