Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dirty Weekend

Ok, so I haven't had much to talk about of late, yeah there's been a few beers under the belt, a few early morning Saturday rides before work, and a lot less training than is really satisfactory. So with only two weeks to go until the Highland Fling, some drastic measures must be taken to put some sting in the legs and air in the lungs. This is just what the doctor ordered. A road trip. Bikes, beer, beats, more bikes. We are loadin' up K-Man's WRX and pointing it in the general direction of Port Macquarie, where the festivities include a Saturday arvo social ride, a night race, and a 4 hour enduro on Sunday. I'm definately up for the 4 hour, nice and slow and hopefully the form will magically appear. There's a solid crew of Newy lads heading up, including "I don't hop anymore but I can clean up B Grade club XC" Tomkinson, Quaino, Freemo, some other guys whose names end in 'O' and Scotty and Dean(o). I've missed the road trips this year, so a couple in the space of a few weeks should sate me until next season.

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